Empowered Patient Podcast

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The Empowered Patient Podcast includes conversations with:

  • Life science executives at early and late-stage research companies as well as diversified companies with a global presence

  • Entrepreneurs developing digital and virtual health solutions and new models of healthcare and clinical trials

  • Biotech and pharmaceutical researchers who left big pharma to start or join companies with promising technology and new molecules

  • Rare disease experts

  • Advocates for diversity in clinical trials and a better understanding of the impact of social determinants of health

  • Physicians and nurses running companies building on their expertise to advance new therapies

  • Experts scaling solutions to bring therapies and MedTech to broader populations

  • Data scientists focusing on healthcare, drug discovery, clinical trials, diversity and social determinants of health

  • MedTech and medical device innovators

  • Thought leaders helping healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and payers transition to a digital environment.

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